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Since childhood I have had many experiences with what I have come to understand as clairvoyance. I have since broadened my perspective in what it is that I believe in this universe of ours. My religious and educational background consists primarily of the Roman Catholic faith. However, as the years passed, I found myself with more questions than answers.

After transferring to a public school, I graduated and went on to study Psychology. For me, I found psychological studies to be very one dimensional. A happy medium was found in studying various religions, which then lead to the decision to become a spiritual counselor.

After being told I had an illness which would require further testing, hospitalization and continued deterioration, I made the decision to further my studies to help my daughter understand a mother who may or may not be here when she grew up. I became an ordained minister.

Today I am recovered (so far) and I am determined more than ever to help while I am here in servicing others.

Some people recognize their gifts early on. For me, though, it took awhile to accept what I was and the troubling dreams, premonitions, and snapshot imagery, that came along with it.

Clairvoyance is not an elite gift belonging to one or a group of some. Each has within their self the availability to pursue and apply this ability as much or as little as they would like to. Recognizing, awakening and finding a way to work with this part of ourselves can make our earthly journey here educational as well as supernatural.

So far this has been both, as mystifying and natural as I perceive on a given day. I have since come to learn to embrace this part of myself making the experience as well as those whom I am lucky enough to encounter along the way the ultimate journey, the path of life.

In your service. Nameste.

Karen Elleise

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