Avoiding Negative Influences

Avoiding Negative Influences
Have you ever woken from a good night's sleep, and from the start, everything's off? Have you spent not even 3 minutes with a person, and couldn't find the exit door fast enough, wanting to run?!?

Physics, no matter the category, has an equation for everything. And with all those wonderful (not so random) elements we've got going on, there are currents within, that have the potential to catch even the best of our balances off guard!

Ideally, we want our personal currents in harmony and good balance. But some days can have even those days a difficult thing to do!

To view each day or person as the next is human. But as days and especially people for that matter go, no two are ever exactly alike. But, by utilizing those instincts of ours, there are ways, not only to seize the moment of the day, but avoid a very messy and unnecessary situation as well!

From days stepping smack-dab in the center of whatever the cat left over the night before, to unloading a week's worth of groceries, only to find your wallet resting comfortably in the center of the kitchen counter safely at home, there will be times, regardless what you do, you'll simply be spinning your wheels trying to avoid or make a situation better!

From mysteries of the sea, to those through our Universe we live and past even that, there are secrets. None of which are too to excited to give those mysteries up, any too easily!

As above, so below. And much in the same manner, the stars and waters from which we come, currents encapsulate; currents we ourselves have well within.

Some days and people we encounter extend far beyond our abilities to avoid. This is where our instincts can come in very handy!

No matter what we're going through, good or bad, know there are others going through equally challenging matters. Where compassion may be shared, extended periods of time and energy might want to be avoided.

Like a hammock, some currents are simply too comfortable or working in a way for a person or groups of people, where the trade-off to leave, simply isn't in the equation, no matter how much energy you'd like to help try and make it better.

Instincts are endowed by our Creator! They're there quite readily, and for a reason!

When there feels to be days so slow molasses could throw down good Triathlon, trust those instincts! Use those days to listen, inside, and save that wonderful idea you had for another time.

In meetings...or if you happen to bump heads with someone who feels either to put up with your presence or simply has an agitation, difficult to put a finger to, trust that instinct as well, bowing-out gracefully, for goodness of Karma.

On the other hand, if you happen to have a day that flies so fast it's hard to believe the day itself is gone, investigate and try your hand at spontaneity!

Whether it's a day or person you really don't want to see leave, trust those instincts and if you're going to take that chance, you just might end up catching that perfect person or wave!

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor

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