Living the Light and Instincts

Living the Light and Instincts
Have you ever just known something? A word, idea, flash of a person and moments later, their number comes scrolling across the phone? Wireless connections aren’t just for technology and when you get it right, sometimes what can seem to be the most insignificant change in the world to make, can become just the opposite!

Have you ever had a whoosh, a breeze of inspiration, that had you rethink a decision? One, that had you not listened to; that uncertainty, nagging-sensation that simply wouldn't leave you alone, you just might have landed yourself in a spot with consequences, you could, frankly, have lived without?

Welcome to the wireless-world of “Universal Connection!”

"Seers," "Sensitives," "Pattern-Identifiers," empathic personalities, can be especially prone to such rumblings and struggle just as easily, as what to do.

Some people call it God, Source, Creator, Mother Earth, among many other endearing terms attached to something that seems to have a sort of reverent influence outside of the illusion most often reflected via commercials, media, greed, peers, even jobs that can intersect and conflict with personal (Soulful) responsibility.

The sensation is usually a "pull or tug" of some type that doesn’t seem to want to leave you alone! But, as with everything, there are good influences and bad ones.

There can be times when that “thingy” can go almost against everything around you: Advice, friendships, whisperings and gossip, that can have you really wanting to simply ignore or block out the "connection" and struggling, as what to do.

There are other times when a similar influence can fill you with such, passion, that reaction wasn't quite the response it had intended either, more that of a reflection of sorts.

The difference between a good “connection” and a poor one, really comes down to internals. The centeredness; the peace that’s felt inside as you begin to open yourself to this Source of connection.

“The past is prologue…” William Shakespear.

Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt (at best) the future is simply history with ventures and avenues, that we (as players) are given in opportunity, through freedom of choice and with the highest regard of consciousness, the ability to respond.

When we listen closely and truly live in the moment peacefully, not only does that moment transform, even by thought, but for the rippling effects of such reflect in the eyes of the future, for they are One!

Past, present, future...much like a cone, all actions impact mind, bodies and Spirit which, as a collective, become indentured.

When it’s a pure True connection of the Source, it's like plugging into something where the restlessness retreats , becoming silent. When it's not, there's a type of aggrivation that still remains.

If you happen to encounter that "tugging" and perhaps has you thinking about taking a different route, or turn your life around, when it's the real- deal, it grows from within like the sun, leaving the Soul itself in a much better condition and place than it ever was before.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor

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