Dreams Visitations and Love

Dreams Visitations and Love
If you've ever had a dream about a loved one, wondered whether or not they’re o.k., if there's a place we go after or if they actually know we miss and are thinking of them, when it comes to love there seems to be no barriers, especially in the land of dreams!

When we're separated from someone we love through circumstances beyond our control, there’s an emptiness of their presence that can leave us wondering, reflecting and missing them dearly.

Questions ranging from whether they're happy or not, if there really is a God, a place we go after or what that place is even like, can circulate our minds again and again.

Einstein received and decoded a mathematical equation, "Energy can neither be created or destroyed." It merely transforms. The same can be applied when it comes to love.

As Spiritual beings, primarily, in a physical world, we too have an energy, a creative Source or frequency of sorts that could quite easily be referred to as, "The Heart or Soul of a matter." It is here, we're much more able to carry love and emotions connected to memories, which can become diverted while tending to the more physical demands of life.

Whether passing from one Journey to the next, or simply separated in some manner, real love is a channel that is VERY much alive and well, and can pretty much permeate whatever it is that can seem like the impossible! A bit like cell phones, computers or any other form of "wireless" communications.

Although these types of dreams and Visitations can happen randomly, they can and do quite often, hover around more emotional locations, such as Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, anything holding an emotional reference!

It’s that channel, they feel and recieve a type of energy, love, emotional memories, that can open that channel further, allowing for a more clear communication, though they can actually feel strongly enough from time to time and do it all by themselves through coincidences here and there.

Just because they “seem“ to be physically afar, it’s out of love, the message remains! It’s through this channel they’re able to watch over us, participate, even communicate from time to time depending upon conditions and “frequency" we happen to be on.

The world of Dreams seems to be a channel belonging in a world all it's own, with equations and rules, we know little about - almost a bridge between two worlds.

Though we may still be among this one, a field of responsibilities, illusions and physical distractions, the channel of love is the one and only communications that remains to be clear!

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor

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