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Mused can be enjoyed in three different styles!

HTML Version

First, you can read the HTML version of Mused on the BellaOnline website. This is a great option for visitors with low bandwidth connections or who do not have the time to download a larger version. In the HTML version, each submission to Mused is on its own page and loads quickly. There is no formatting or layout in this version.

PDF Version

Second, you can become a free BellaOnline member to access PDF versions of Mused. The PDF files are formatted for easy printing and off-line viewing. They are also fairly large in file size (about 40mb each), so they will take a while to download on slower connections. The time invested is well worth it - the PDF version is gorgeous, providing art book quality beauty and inspiration for free!

Print Version

Third, you can buy the print version! We are offering each issue at printer list price. That is, we do not make any money at all on the sales here. The price shown is the zero-profit price that solely covers Lulu"s printing costs. No money goes to us for a sale. The price goes to Lulu and solely covers Lulu"s basic printing and shipping costs. We want each issue to be as affordable as possible for you to enjoy!